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Game Cubicolor (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Cubicolor (Atari 2600 - a2600)

Cubicolor wrote Rob Fulop, when he worked will fall, but the company refused to publish it. Nevertheless, he continued to sell themselves in a very limited amount of ammo. First he sold them in the '80s for $ 100 each, and then let the rest of the mid' 90s, when a renewed interest. Most items have a simple white label and will be signed and numbered Rob Fulop. It is unknown exactly how many copies exist, although it is believed at least 100. 

Cubicolor this really interesting game that mixes classic Rubik 'Rubik' with sliding puzzles. Do you have a grid made of different colors, and on either side of the screen you will see a pattern of 3x3 different colors. The goal is to get the nine squares in the center of the grid (which form a pattern of 3x3) to fit the same pattern. To do this, the player uses the stick to slide different colors around a grid black maneuvering space that is empty pieces of a puzzle. The game ends when a player gets this replication scheme. There is no real way of scoring or have a timer so that the only purpose seems to be to get a picture replicated in the fewest number of moves. One or two players can play simultaneously.